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best makeup for acne

Does makeup make my acne worse?

"Do you cover your skin with too much makeup?"

I get it, breakouts, acne and bad acne are hard to cover. 

Even though your friends tell you, that acne scarring doesn't make you ugly, there’s no denying that acne makes you, feel ugly.

Here's what Isabella told me when I interviewed her about her acne problems.

Isabella says: "I used to apply thick makeup every single day to the extent that I forgot what my actual face looked like.”

Though you’re not a teenager anymore, it’s difficult to be around other women who have perfect skin. Especially when you’re constantly bombarded with photoshopped models in adverts and heavily filtered instagram filters - of course you compare your own red itchy face to theirs.

It’s like your life is on hold until skin clears up. Even your foundation just slides off your face a few hours into the day, with a horrible cloggy feeling. 

Now …

You wonder if makeup is the cause of more acne breakouts and pimples. 

According to American Academy of Dermatology “Even women who would not otherwise have acne can develop acne cosmetica from wearing makeup.” 

So what does acne cosmetica mean?

It means acne and pimples can get worse from makeup. 

When makeup feels thick, cloggy, like you can’t really touch your face and skin can't breathe.

Then it's time to look at what's inside the pot you use. 

Did you know, acne prone skin, is super cranky sensitive. Why you get sensations of itchiness and redness.

Now does it mean you can't enjoy makeup? 

Yes, you can enjoy makeup, even with bad breakouts, sensitive skin or acne.

 Here's my advice:

1Look for most basic, pure products and work it up from there.

Use less makeup products on acne prone skin, that tends to break out.

2. Don’t hide skin imperfections behind thick layers of makeup.

Heavy liquid foundations feel like a mask on sensitive, acne prone skin. That “mask feel” effect is from synthetic silicones. Silicones smoothes on makeup and why acne skin gets worse.

3. Use makeup without talc.

Skin that breaks out easy get worse from talc. Talc feels like “polyfilla” on skin. Talc blocks pores and skin feels like it can’t breathe. Talc is a cheap filler used in both face powders and fluid foundations.

4. Use gentle makeup products

Use makeup products with no fragrance, no artificial colours. Avoid metallic pigments. It’s those that cause feelings of skin burn, itchiness and redness.

5. Use gentle skincare products.

Women with oily skin tend to “over cleanse” face too much. Using too harsh skincare product, like chemical exfoliators, strips natural oils from face. Skin get flaky and doesn’t hold makeup very well. Simple routines are better.


Your'e not alone to feel overwhelmed by the number of acne “cures” out there. It’s easy to be swayed by the latest miracle concealer or primer you see in the beauty aisles, but does new equal better?

And does it even work on real woman’s skin?

Make no mistake. There's makeup out there that effectively targets acne prone skin. And many of these makeup products use the same pore clogging ingredients, like mineral oil, silicones and talc.

My brand takes a serious approach to pore-clogging ingredients. And that’s Organic Make. 

Here's what Bekki says from @yours_sincerely_acne. She tried my "Mineral Powder Foundation".


The whole idea behind Organic Make is less makeup is better for you and the planet. You shouldn’t have to be slaves to dozens of different makeup products – especially with sensitive, acne prone skin.

You should be able to simplify your makeup routine, and pare down to just a few items that allow you to look your best, without clogging pores. At the same time leave skin to breathe, so it stays calm.

That’s why I, Charlotte Fnug, created Organic Make a line of all-in-one powder foundation – known as “Powder Wonders” - they easily replace everything in your makeup bag. The all-in-one Mineral Powder Foundation comes in three different shades, yet covers most skin colours.

Mineral powder foundation is long lasting, yet feel so light and natural. It "warms up" and settles on your face a little while after applying and adhere to your skin really well. Your skin look fresh and radiant. Does not block pores. 

By Charlotte Fnug

Founder, Organic Make 

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