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Most asked questions below.


I'm totally transparent about the ingredients I use. The label on each product shows ingredients, INCI. And on my website you see ingredients below each product. 

If you have very sensitive skin and you know you react to cosmetics. Take the ingredient list to your doctor and ask. If you have done skin-test you know which ingredients to avoid.

If you have any concerns. Feel free to mail me anytime.

If you hide skin imperfections behind thick layers of makeup because your skin often breaks out. It might be time for a break.

Go read my blog (journal) about acne and makeup. 

Maybe your skin needs a break. Let it breathe naturally.

Organic Make is 100% natural makeup.

You need one good foundation. 

Go read my Trustpilots reviews. More and more women tell me their skin has stopped breaking out, after they started to use my all-in-one powder foundation. 

I’ve done 3 colours. Makes it easy for you. Covers most skin tones.

Mineral Powder foundation adapts naturally to your own skin colour. You’ll never get that yellow gap line, you get from traditional foundations.

MEDIUM Mineral Powder Foundation

It's the BEST SELLER. Suits most skin tones. For skin that's slightly tanned. You can't go wrong with this colour. 

DARK Mineral Powder Foundation

Suits olive skin tones, skin with warmer undertones, or skin with a suntan. During summer this is the best colour. For skin with red pigments. I've seen it looks great on women of mixed race. 

LIGHT Mineral Powder Foundation

For very pale and quite fair skin. Best during winter months. Best for blond, blue-eyed, fair types.

I'm working on a colour for black skin. Sorry…to be honest… dark will not be the right colour for you.

Happy to serve you, once I have done one for black skin.

I'm an animal lover, like you. My dog Hugo is black maltipoo.

I guarantee that none of my products or any of the ingredients in my products has been tested on animals. All products are made in Europe, according to EU cosmetic regulation you are not allowed to test on animals.

I produce according to EU cosmetic regulation.

I promise the purest solution for sensitive skin based on nature's crushed minerals.

You are guaranteed 100% pure crushed minerals in powder form without any harsh chemicals, mineral oils, talc, fragrances, artificial colouring, synthetic alcohol, rice/corn powder or other fillers and binders. And naturally, ORGANIC M.A.K.E Minerals do not contain parabens, bismuth oxychloride, carmine, lanolin, GMO, silicone, gluten, phthalates or nanoparticles. 

Yes, I ship all over the world. I'm in Denmark. I'm located 40 minutes south of Copenhagen.

I live in beautiful Danish countryside. I send products from my country cottage to you.

Shipping outside Denmark takes 6 – 10 days. Please be patient.

I don't use "prime". I'm not Amazon.

Flat rate shipping is 5 EUR, anywhere in the world.

My company is located in Denmark. I ship all over the world.

Shipping outside Denmark takes 6 – 10 days. I use Danish Postal Service (snail-mail) to ship out to you.

Yes, you walk to your mail box...

“You’ve got mail.” If you collect stamps, it’s on the house.

I charge the amount I get charged at the post office. I do not make profit on shipping.

Yes, do use contact formular on website. 
I'm happy to help.
Love. Charlotte 

Yes, yes please do so. Feel free to contact me anytime. I work every day and see my mail. I'll answer your questions, here to help you. I love to hear from my custumers. See contact form on web.

Like social... see you at @organicmake on facebook and instagram

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