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Welcome to Organic M.A.K.E Mineral Powder Wonder

Long name, I know. I created Organic M.A.K.E from pure minerals because women who have sensitive skin, acne and bad breakouts deserve an option that is natural and efficient on skin. When I started my beauty brand, I initially called my powder Sensitive Powder, but my loving customers began to call it Powder Wonder and the rest is history. 


The Minerals Powder Wonder

100% natural and made with natural ingredients. Powder Wonder feels as light as a feather covers skin with lovely matte smooth finish. Yet, you have a fresh, healthy outdoor glow as if you have no makeup on.

Most of the time you don't even need a mirror, I wanted to make it so simple to use that you can do it blind, that's how easy Powder Wonder goes on.



 Now that is the definition of good makeup ladies!

The Organic M.A.K.E powder wonder foundation is made so all you need is one pot. It's sustainable, last all day, good for you and the planet.



Beauty with Purpose

Consume better and less - I'll rather make one amazing product than 50 other filler products. I am able to focus on the vegan, organic, and natural aspects of my products. ONE foundation is enough.

Transparency and honesty - I want to help women overcome the 'beauty standards' that have been forced on by social media, influencers, models and the beauty industry. My Mineral Powder Makeup is made to be as light as a feather and help women who have sensitive skin, acne issues to complete a healthy lifestyle. 

Healthy living - inspire to simpler beauty routines free of any nasties. My makeup is made from crushed minerals to provide your skin only what it needs without extra chemicals usually found in liquid heavy foundation. Whether you are vegan or simply living a healthy lifestyle my use of natural and organic ingredients is perfect for you. 

#Rulebreakers - I look for women who set new standards. Women who have been through bullying because of skin issues, women who have overcome or are overcoming shaming, self depreciation or fight to accept who they are. My brand is built around the support from other women who have broken the norm and who go through the same difficult situation. So when other women hear your story they feel accepted and good about themselves.

I have interviewed a few women who are comfortable to share their stories with me, read their stories here. 

If you go through issues to do with your skin, acne or self appreciation, please get in contact with me. 




Minimalist and Never Tested on Animals


The Organic M.A.K.E Philosophy

My makeup is pure in powder form and made from crushed pure minerals. Without a trace of harsh chemicals, mineral oils, talc, fragrances, artificial colouring, synthetic alcohol, rice/corn powder or other fillers and binders. So a little goes a long way.

All of my makeup powders are vegan friendly, natural and efficient. Last and covers all day.


I'm against and do not use harmful ingredients potentially problematic to your health: parabens, bismuth oxychloride, carmine, lanolin, GMO, silicone, phthalates or nanoparticles.



Why all this fuss? Because everyone deserves the purest, most natural makeup possible. After all, it’s your skin and what you put on it is important. 



I love animals and do not test on animals: my products do not contain carmine or lanolin making them suitable for vegans. The Organic Make Kabuki Brush is made from synthetic taklon, which means no animal hair what so ever. If you want to lean more about this click here.


Minimalist and Simple to use: You do not need much per application so the small pot does go a long way. Applies once most days and the occasional ‘top up’ later on, if you are out and about.


My mineral powder is on a class of its own and honestly does give your face a natural healthy glow.

Imagine people say "How lucky you are not to wear makeup." not realising you have full face of foundation on.

Or they'll ask "What makeup you use cause it looks so natural?"








This mineral powder foundation doesn't have talc and covers acne not clogging pores.

Skin looks fresh with a nice matt smooth look.






This gives a healthy rosy glow. It glides on your cheeks, a beautiful colour that last all day.

Natural ingredients and perfect for women with sensitive skin. 






This starter kit comes with two products. The Medium Mineral Foundation + Kabuki Brush.

Plus you save 20% 






100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Makeup that feels as light as a feather

Talc-free Makeup