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I see women get bolder to express themselves on their own terms with no limits, and it makes me so glad.

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You can hit us, kick us, bully us, emotionally ignore us but the one thing you can’t do is break us down. Women like us, are Rulebreakers, who muster up the courage to start a new life or movement because they have to. 


Women who go against the social norm and do not feel they have to wear 101 makeup to look good, confident in how they look, proud of themselves, and done with all that heavy foundation. Unlike what you find in the beauty aisle, I created Organic Make, for women who feel strongly about what they put on their skin as they do about being true to themselves.


My amazing customers have come from all walks of life, women who have broken out of bad situations, who have been told they need a lot of makeup to look good, who experience acne and have sensitive skin. Women who want to live a healthier lifestyle, want to feel confident in what you do and trust that what you put on skin is made from natural healthy ingredients. So when you do choose to wear makeup, it feels glowy and natural, is harmless. Still gives you the confidence that makeup also does.


Women like us live by own rules.


If that means move to other side of the world, they’ll do it. If that means drop out of school to learn a specific craft by hand, they’ll do it. If that means to wear different size clothes, they’ll do it. If that means colour hair purple, they’ll do it. If that means show you are not ashamed of who you are, they’ll do it. If that means insisting on existing, they’ll do it.


Rulebreakers, like us, will not be held down by others because of sexual orientation, race, religion or by norms, no matter.


It takes willpower, and guts. 
You are capable of more than you think!
Be proud, go make change...
Join movement #WeAreRulebreakers


Charlotte Fnug, Founder 


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