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You spend most of your life caking in primers, concealers, foundation, more foundation, more concealer, contour and then HAIRSPRAY. All due to then continuous fear that me or spot/scarring/cyst/redness or any form of “bad skin” may be visible. 

It has taken the last year for you to finally realise that this is NOT correct. You do not need to hide your skin, you do NOT need to apologise for your skin and you certainly do NOT need to be embarrassed that your hormones just aren’t the same as everyone else’s and cause you to not look “perfect”.

Something had to change. I couldn't keep hiding myself away. It’s exhausting. There are also people who suffer on such a greater scale, so I need to keep fighting and be an advocate for those who need me. Time to step up and be proud of the skin I'm in, not ashamed. 

The moment I realised that the only person my acne is actually affecting, is me. I realised that no one I actually care about is staring, making judgments, or in disgust, other than myself. My friends and family accept me for who I am, not how many spots I have. I need to learn to do the same.

I have apologised so many times to so many different people. Even makeup staff in beauty shops when having my makeup done. I have apologised to people in restaurants because they have to eat with me sitting at the table. The list is so long, anyone that has had to be around me whilst I have suffered with acne I have probably apologised to.

I don't really want to relive some of the comments from the past, because I'm moving on following my own rules now. But every time somebody points out your “flaws”, it hurts, it really really hurts. This then led to an apology for my face, because I thought it was disgusting if someone is going to tell me it is. I would then believe and think it is.

Society now push women to look perfect, some companies portray this “perfect” image and it's so damaging. The saddest part is they too have probably been taught the wrong image of “perfect”. Someone needs to break the chain. 

The beauty industry players a role here, a big one and something has to change. Soon.

Many people are afraid to show who they really are in the fear of being mocked, judged and misinterpreted. The world is a scary place. People's opinions no longer have boundaries. People don't realise the consequences of their actions. We have been led to think it's safer to remain hidden.

I've always put attention into the ingredients in my makeup and I am currently studying skin and acne diploma to always gain further knowledge and understanding. 

I used to spray about ten coats of about three different hair sprays on my face to get my makeup to stay. It would last about ten hours without moving. It was so damaging and used to irritate my asthma but I was so scared of my real skin being shown to others. BUT NOT ANYMORE!

Bekki is 27 years old and from Bath, Sommerset, UK. She is currently a Nurse and a blogger in her free time that shows her journey. 

@yours_sincerely_acne (My Acne Journey)

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I am so happy and proud Bekki shared her story with me. Many women have been through similar or even worse experiences and understandably are reserved to share their story. I believe Bekki is incredible at sharing her journey and I hope she inspires you to take a deep look into the makeup you use.
Women like us, of all ages, who may also have sensitive skin, bad breakouts or acne, who have gone or goes through a hell of a life be inspired to feel confident. When you use makeup, it feels great on your skin, natural and doesn't completely hide your face.
I'll share more women's stories of brave women #WEARERULEBREAKERS. Feel comfortable to share your story with me or need some great beauty tips for sensitive skin, breakouts or acne, as I also teach makeup classes, please get in contact with me.
You can also use the hashtag 'Rulebreakers' when you share your journey or story online.




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