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"Organic Make powders gives me a super natural and comfortable feeling. I feel myself!"


Laurine M.

I have a very sensitive skin and I have spent a lot of time searching for the right make-up products for my skin, but I was never really satisfied. The foundation I use from

Organic Make is very easy to apply and feels very soft on my skin. I apply the foundation with the (also vegan!) kabuki brush, by making circles on my skin. 

Pernille A.

I honestly don't think I could live without OM 

mineral foundation. I have sensitive skin and hyperpigmentation, but just a small amount of the natural mineral powder makes my skin look and feel amazing the whole day with no dryness and absolutely no irritation! 

Besides I only need this product on my skin, no concealer or primer or anything else. Their organic foundation is my daily life-saver and I warmly recommend it to everybody


I love your products due to natural ingredients. The blush is so natural looking on my skin-colour.

Anne D.

Best powder foundation I’ve ever tried and I’ve tried a lot. Thanks for great products.


 “Supermodels” who appear in beauty campaigns do not meet the standards. Women deemed the most beautiful in the world are heavily retouched after they are photographed. NOBODY meets the beauty industry standards.

By keeping those standards out of reach, women are pressured to constantly chase it.

I’ve worked 30 years in the beauty industry. I watch close up how my industry speaks to us women.  

I’ve talked to many different women. Young girls have been bullied at schools because of skin issues like acne. They had acne and didn’t meet the beauty standards set by the industry or norms. There's a lot of unnoticed skin shaming taking place around us.

I help women wear makeup to express themselves on their own terms, with no limits. You can hit us, kick us, emotionally ignore us but the one thing you can’t do is break us down or hold us down. You can built up the willpower and guts to accept who you are, and not accept shaming. You are capable of more than you think.

Women, like us, make change. Read more amazing stories here.

Like how a beautiful woman overcame her depression, learned to love her self. She stopped doing damage to her skin with layers of heavy foundation.

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