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My Story

 Like you, I've felt horrible about my skin. As a teenager with sensitive acne-prone skin, it wasn't easy to play with makeup.

"What's on your eyes?"

"Take it off. Right now."

"I told you, take it off."

My dad would shout at me, whenever he caught me wearing makeup. At age 14-15 all I wanted, to be like the other girls at school. I wasn't allowed and I didn't have my mum to help me. 

I had to hide, I used makeup at school. I applied makeup at the school toilet. And before I left for home, I removed it again. On days, when I didn't remove well enough.

Hell broke out.

Makeup was shameful and stressful to use in my home. I felt terrible and bad about myself. I just wanted to be like the other girls. I wasn't the smart popular girl. I was the outsider. 

I had to hide my makeup from my dad. My first experience with makeup was shameful. 

You might have similar experience.

Or your skin might not live up to what others consider flawless normal skin.

I've met a lot of women, whose life have been affected because they didn't meet what's considered normal skin texture. Or they weren't allowed, like me. 



I have worked in the beauty industry for 30 years (yes, strangely enough, where I ended up). I have seen first hand the dirty game these big beauty companies play. How they shame and convince women, young and old, that we need all these layers of heavy foundations to even look beautiful and confident.

I created Organic Make to empower midlife women with sensitive skin. I question the status quo, why you hide behind thick layers of foundations. First step is start to love who you are. It takes willpower and guts. 

Most heavy foundations affect women with sensitive skin, cause irritation, bad breakouts and acne can get worse from bad ingredients.

A brave woman shared her amazing story with me: "You spend most of your life caking in primers, concealers, foundation, more foundation,
more concealer, contour and then HAIRSPRAY. All due to the continuous fear that me or spot/scarring/cyst/redness or any form of “bad skin” may be visible." - Bekki

Read her full story here, it is so real and inspiring.

Let's normalize Real Skin.

This is why I make the best powder foundation, not the most makeup I can. And I only make loose makeup powders. I say no to anything else. The powder foundation is harmless to your skin. It's natural, smooths skin and feels as light as a feather. Last all day.

Skin won't feel dry or get that unflattering powdery look. Sensitive dry skin won't cake or flake. It's so easy to build up coverage to your liking. Feels lightweight and breathable on skin. And looks like you wear no makeup.

That's definition of good natural makeup.

Mineral Makeup for senstive skin


Real beauty comes from how you talk to yourself and how you look after yourself. Don't feel sorry that you are different from other women. We all have our things and that’s okay. If you don't want to wear makeup all the time, it's your choice. When you do wear makeup, it should be for yourself and good for your health. 

For all those 30 years I've seen up close the dirty game big beauty companies play. They shame and convince us women to put on multiple layers of heavy foundation, as if it's the way to look good and feel good. 
They've made it seem like everything in relation to aging is bad - your hair, face, skin and body. Young matter in their eyes.
You see on social media women use face filters to smooth skin, thin face, and change eye colour because they are afraid to show who they truly are. 
It’s a perfect dream. 
Society has pushed that "perfect" look on us women. Beauty companies and most instagram influencers portray that perfect image. It's so damaging. The saddest part is, they too, have probably been taught the wrong image of “perfect”. I agree with Bekki, someone needs to break the chain.
I created my makeup brand for you to overcome that social pressure and feel confident about who you are. Protect your skin and not cover your true self behind layers of heavy foundation (in my Saturday newsletter - I inspire and encourage your wellbeing. Good words are sometimes just the nudge we need - to sign up to my "Newsletter" . Scroll down my web).  
Many women have been misled. It pains me. I do makeup classes, and one of my students, Linda, quietly said to me “I just cleanse my skin with skin tonic. Is that fine?” 
Who says you can’t? 
I know big beauty companies convince you, that you need 10 different products or more to look beautiful. They want to sell you as many beauty products, as they wish. I know ... (I've been through their sales trainings). 
I want my brand to stand for something that supports your skin and your health. With the growth of natural simple healthy living I hope you see the value in using pure crushed mineral powder makeup. Mineral makeup protects your skin from breakouts, smuggish and doesn’t include bad chemicals. And all you need is one foundation pot to get started.

Ever worn too much makeup to cover bad breakouts or acne? When makeup you wear is the cause things get worse, it’s time to look into what’s in the pot. Get makeup that is good for your skin. 

Guess you wear makeup cause it makes you feel more confident with yourself - me too, I get it ... but it should support healthy skin. 
I started this journey, to help midlife women, like you, calm down sensitive skin. You deserve makeup that won't irritate your skin.



 Here’s how it works:
With my 100% natural Organic Make Mineral Powder Makeup you get healthy, natural looks. Feels like you wear no makeup. You don’t even need a mirror, you can do it blind, that’s how easy powder foundation applies. 
Makeup that compliments your natural beauty.
All you need is one pot. It's sustainable, good for you and the planet.

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