Does talc in makeup cause acne?

You hide skin imperfections behind a thick layer of makeup because your skin often breaks out, why you hunt for makeup that provides good coverage.

But foundation feels thick and cloggy and you can’t really touch your face.

Worst shine after 3 to 4 hours. It drives you mad and makes you feel worse.

Really what you desire is “matte” look.

The thing is, in most makeup both liquid and powders, you have talcum powder. Talcum powder is white powder used in most makeup. You find talcum powder in most face powders and eye shadows etc.

One of the problems with talcum powder, both in liquid and powder foundations is pores clog up. 

You've started to notice skin gets worse when you hide skin imperfections behind a thick layer of conventional foundation.

You tap on face powder during the day to keep shine away.

Why you feel talc cause acne...

Take any makeup product you have at home. Go look at the back. First ingredients you’ll notice is talcum powder (talc).

It's a white substance

This is the ingredient that causes break-outs and makes skin worse cause pores clog from talc.


You have some bits you want to cover but you are not a makeup kind of girl. You love the all-natural look.

You know, the kind of look you get from your boyfriend when he thinks you look great.. and he tells you

You look great” and he thinks you have no makeup on.

That is the definition of good makeup.

It this possible with face powder?

Yes, it is.

All you need is an all-in-one 100% natural powder foundation, of cause without talcum powder.

You need one makeup product.

Good for you and the planet.

People see a difference in skin when you wear this face powder foundation. No Breakouts and skin looks smoother and matte.

Time to try makeup without talc.