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Does Talc in Makeup Cause Acne?

"You look in the mirror and notice new breaks out."

You're not sure...but you've started to question talc in makeup.

Caking skin imperfections behind thick layers of makeup, can cause you  problems.

It's becoming a real issue, cause your skin has never been this bad.   


What you do desire is “natural healthy looking skin”.

But most makeup - be it liquid or powders contain talcum powder (talc), It's the first ingredient in your makeup pot (go check). 

Talcum powder is cheap white filler powder. Used in most makeup.

You tap on face powder during the day to keep shine away.

You add face powder several times, am I right?

Here's the thing...

Talc is pore clogging, and comedogenic. Talc is the very ingredient that causes breakouts. The more talc (powders you put on during the day, to avoid shine), the more you clog up your pores. Talc is bad for acne.

Pores are filled with talc, like a cork in a bottle. 

The beauty industry doesn`t talk about talc. Cause they all use it. It's cheap fillers in makeup. You find talc, in both makeup and skincare. 


You're in a bad circle. The more talc you put on, the more you clog pores. 



You are not alone. Lots of women have started to question talc in makeup. 

I want to tell you. I've been 30+ years in the beauty industry. I know brands are there to make profits with cheap fillers, like talc. They market all sorts of products at you.

According to American Academy of Dermatology “Even women who would not otherwise have acne, can develop acne cosmetica from wearing makeup.”


I know, you do have bits you want to cover. You may not be a makeup kind of girl or perhaps you are.

Even though you love the all-natural look, you've gone overboard with too much foundation. To cover up acne, hyperpigmentation, redness, skin irritations or breakouts.

Cause you are affraid to show your real skin. 

The all-natural look, is when your partner or friends say “You look great” and think you have no makeup on.

That's definition of good makeup. 

A while back I interviewed a lady, Bekki from the UK. She's amazing. She's been through a lot with her skin.

She told me...

"I've spent most of my life caking in primers, concealers, foundation, more foundation, more concealer, contour and then HAIRSPRAY. All due to the continuous fear that me or spot/scarring/cyst/redness or any form of “bad skin” may be visible".

After I interviewed Bekki about her skin issues. She kindly agreed to try my talc free makeup powder foundation.

Discover pure mineral makeup without talc. 

She says:

I started Organic Make to help women, like you.

I make ONE powder foundation, without talc. I don't make the most makeup. I focus on the best ingredients so your skin, calms down.

All you need is all-in-one, 100% natural powder foundation. No primer, no finishing powder needed.

Just ONE pot. 

One good makeup product, you trust.

My powder foundation covers hyperpigmentation, skin irritations, bad breakouts, acne and other skin issues, without talc.

Imagine people come up and tell you "What have you done to your skin?"

Cause you've changed makeup. 

Try Organic Make Power Foundation.

By, Charlotte Fnug.

Founder, Organic Make 


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