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9 amazing mineral makeup benefits you didn

9 amazing mineral makeup benefits you didn't know


Most liquid foundations feel like "plaster effect" on skin. Your skin can't breathe. 

You can't really touch your face with foundation. don’t want to go makeup-less.

But sensitive skin needs gentler solutions.

Mineral Makeup is far gentler. Mineral makeup is less well known, than conventional liquid foundations. Mineral makeup has excellent skin benefits.

Pure natural mineral makeup feels light and breathable with amazing coverage.

Mineral Makeup, is also natural makeup. 

What is Mineral Makeup?

When it comes to real pure mineral makeup, you may be surprised. 

Loose mineral foundation doesn’t contain any binders.

Pressed powder compacts, also called “solid” powder foundations, has binders.

To make pressed solid powders in a machine, you need oil and water. Water and oil can’t mix. You need binders to hold it together. Then preservatives to avoid contamination.

This is how you make conventional solid pressed powder foundations.

Now ...

To make pure mineral makeup WITH NO binders. Mineral powder foundation must to be loose. 

Guess you think loose mineral powder foundation is a nightmare where you cake up looking wild and vampire-ish.

I'm telling you. It's not.

Let’s dig deeper...

The Origin

What is mineral makeup? Let’s go back in time. Ever seen tribes like Aboriginals, bush people from Africa, native Americans. They used to beautifully paint bodies and faces for decoration, war paint or camouflage. They’ve always lived with and in nature. They've used treasures from the soil to paint their bodies and faces for tribal ceremonies and rituals.

They had to use what they found in nature.

Things like clay minerals are finely grained from natural rock and soil. All natural ingredients found in nature. Look to the Peruvian Andes you find the incredible Rainbow Mountains. The mountain is striped with colours ranging from turquoise to lavender to maroon and gold. Red colouration of sedimentary layers often indicates iron oxide rust as a trace mineral.

In Mauritius you have seven colours earths, a small area of sand dunes compromising sand of seven distinct colours (red, brown, violet, green, blue, purple and yellow).

Australian outback clay, Africa and South America are rich with micro minerals and mica comes from large crystals mined from granitic pegmatites. Mica mineral (uncoloured and pure) is used.

Tribal minorities have used the soil for its natural pureness to cover and paint skin forever.

This is the idea behind pure Mineral Makeup. It’s skin friendly to women with sensitive skin. The unique natural ingredients are found in nature. 


Inorganic mineral pigments are milled for hours, to fuse with micro particle micas. A combination of an array of natural micro minerals crushed carefully, mica with natural beautiful oxidess and ph neutral organic clays mined from deep within the outback are carefully blended.

Natural opacifiers, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are blended with the purest gentle organic clays and mica mineral (uncolours & pure) to provide right amount coverage and colour.

This is the secret behind real pure mineral makeup..…the secret is the luxurious natural ingredients.

Powerful Ingredients

Pure Mineral Makeup is the most beautiful and natural colour cosmetics available. Makeup Artist rave about the coverage and flawless finish achieved with natural mineral foundation powders.

These pigments lay on top of the skin and provide flawless finish with extraordinary coverage. Almost invisible and light as if you wear no makeup at all.

Perfect cover for any imperfections. Mineral makeup colours range from very fair to darker skin types.

Covering all skin types. It all depends how the different earthy tones of minerals are mixed together into mineral powder foundations.

Be prepared to experience luxurious velvet soft mineral powders.


9 Benefits of pure Mineral Makeup

1. Improves skin appearance

One of the secrets and why pure mineral makeup is loved by makeup artist, dermatologists and skincare clinics is how the skin looks after application. Skincare clinics rave about the benefits of natural oxides and micro minerals for post dermabrasion treatments.

Don’t be skeptical about using mineral powder foundation. Foundation is almost invisible on skin. Your face colour evens out. Under eyes, blemishes, redness everything is covered up. Improve skins natural appearance naturally.

You don't feel like wearing makeup. Feels light on skin. Just a few strokes of soft mineral powder covers uneven skin tone naturally. Same times hide occasional blemishes and blotches. It doesn’t look like you wear makeup at all. It’s easy to improve blotchy skin not having to fiddle with liquid foundation. You build up layers for coverage. After sports skin often tend to be hot and red, a few strokes calm down any redness.

2. Less Allergies

Pure mineral makeup is safe for most women to use, due its naturalness. That said you should always test if in doubt. More and more women, like you, struggle with allergies and have concerns about chemical ingredients in makeup. And yes … it's cowboy land. Years back the beauty industry sold cosmetics where no ingredients were even listed on products. These days you are able to look up ingredients on any cosmetic product.

Confused, don’t buy. Ask.

Do you have allergy and been tested for an ingredient? Avoid that ingredient. In most makeup artificial dyes, perfumes and bismuth oxychloride are irritants for skin. Feelings of redness, burning sensations and itchiness are more and more common from those three ingredients.

Pure natural mineral makeup brands will not use those three ingredients in their powders. You’ll notice a difference once you try pure natural mineral makeup. No burning sensation and a new feeling skin feels calm. Mineral makeup tends to be gentler options for those who are very sensitive and react easily. In doubt one should always test (and not all brands are made equal). 

3. Natural Makeup

Mineral makeup doesn't feel heavy, nor will you look “made up”. Looks natural and feels light due to natural ingredients. It's the most natural makeup out there. Pure mineral makeup is great alternative when you want to avoid toxic chemicals in your makeup. Fewer ingredients are used. Most sourced from nature.

Side note:
Most makeup and hair colour brands in the beauty market use artificial dyes in colour cosmetics. How it is. Bright neon green eyeshadow is not possible to make without artificial dyes. This is not rocket science.

Even so called “natural makeup brands” can use artificial dyes. You might have to ask what colour agent they use.

There’s lots of green washing taking place within the beauty industry. Natural makeup brands claim they are green/natural but are they really? More and more consumers want greener products for their household, food and cosmetics.

Even so called “mineral makeup brands” are found to use artificial dyes for colours. Minerals are coated and washed with artificial dyes. Just saying.

This is something to pay attention to, when you want pure and natural.

4. Shiny skin

Works miracles on combination and breakout prone skin. Shiny skin, not necessarily oily, but shiny with large pores show less. Mineral powder foundation feels light and evens skin tone with amazing coverage. Does not bring attention to pores.

The minerals luxurious soft pressed ph neutral organic clays calm and help control shine naturally. Goes on light. Doesn’t have the caked on feeling. The matte finish looks smooth and blends perfect. Still feels very light. Skin feels light-weight and non-greasy with pure mineral makeup.

5. Mature skin

Mineral powder foundation looks natural with light finish. You never look caked on. Does not clog mature skin. Not heavy on skin. The inevitable fine lines, wrinkles, etc. even though they are there, mineral powder foundation doesn't enhance them.

Also covers red deep thread veins. Doesn't settle into the creases the way other foundation does. Feels light and doesn't feel slimy or cakey. Texture is creamy, so you don't get the drying feel on skin. With age the natural glow in skin reduces for some to a dull look. You’ll notice people start commenting "What you have done to your skin?", brings natural “glow” to skin.

6. Simple beauty routine

You don't have to reapply during the day. Not needed. So there's less stuff in your purse to bring around. Huge convenience, if you love simple living. Mineral makeup is all about how one product will do both for you and the environment. Want to cut down on beauty products you use, mineral makeup is good option. One mineral powder foundation cover needs.

Who on earth has time in the mornings to do all those makeup tricks, you see from you-tubers and instagrammers. Are you a professional woman, with children, fast application is perfect for rush mornings.

Mineral powder foundation is easy to swirl on your face. No need to contour first with different sticks and creams prior foundation. One mineral powder foundation last all day. A little goes a long way. Great for skin, great for your purse. Less spending

7. Staying power

Pure mineral makeup doesn’t rub off. Wash off with mild soap and water. No need for any special makeup removers.

Not recommended … but if you happen not to wash your face at night and wake up the next morning. You’ll see your face looks okay enough to run out on errands, with very little touching up.

That speaks to the staying power of mineral makeup. That's important, it stays put. Even in the summer you can wear it without worrying it will smear or slip off. It’s sweat resistant.

8. No makeup line

Pure mineral powder foundation goes on quick and easy. There’s no “makeup line” or a look of overdone. It’s makeup without any of the streaky goopy stuff. It softens skin imperfection, without looking like you’ve painted face orangey.

Wears like light weight makeup, without the feel of wearing a mask. Great alternative to liquid foundations. Skin looks and feels natural.


9. Cruelty free or vegan 

Pure Mineral Makeup brands sourced from reliable vendors. If serious, they'll  state their opinion on animal testing. Most mineral makeup is natural makeup at best.

Discover pure mineral makeup 

Side Effects of Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup is generally safe to use and has demonstrated little to no side effects. To most it feels gentle to wear. Especially sensitive skin types.

Known problems are:

Zero coverage and skin looks blotchy

Mineral powder foundation appears chalky. Foundation doesn’t cover and powder looks blotchy. You brush on, and it wipes right off. Have to put several times on and still no coverage. Feels more like a sheer powder, no coverage whatsoever.

Mineral powder foundation doesn’t cover well, seem not to cover any imperfections. Skin feels dry from mineral makeup.

There's the problem.

The reason:

In conventional makeup, most powder foundations contain talc. You find talcum powder in conventional makeup, natural makeup and even in mineral makeup. Talcum powder is an ingredient worth paying attention to.

Talcum powder is “first” ingredient in most makeup products. It's a cheap, white powder base used in the beauty industry.

Real pure mineral makeup doesn’t use talcum powder. Just pure crushed minerals. Some mineral makeup brands use talcum powder to dilute minerals. It’s cheaper to produce. You, as consumer, feel the coverage is bad.

You should pay attention when mineral makeup brands “sell a primer”. They say it’s a product you “need” before you apply mineral powder foundation.

Or they sell “ a veil” or "setting powder". They say you need to cover (set) mineral foundation.

They know ONE product doesn’t cover your skin. Because they deluite their minerals.

Real pure mineral makeup WILL cover skin. One powder foundation is enough.

Side note: To dilute they use talcum powder, corn starch and rice flower.




More on talcum powder:

Do you have problematic skin or acne prone skin? and cover skin with face powders to keep shine away during the day.

Listen to me now.

Most powder foundation, both loose and pressed, contain talcum powder.

Talcum powder is overseen by lots of teenagers and women, who suffer from acne prone skin. Talcum powder both irritates skin, clog pores so condition gets worse. Imagine a pimple covered in talcum powder, it can’t breathe  - it’s clogged.

You might want to start to avoid talcum powder in makeup, if you face this issue of constant breakouts. Talcum is not good.

I don't use talc in my mineral makeup brand. 


Skin feels itchy and red

Bismuth Oxychloride is potentially an irritant. Can cause itchiness sensations to skin. Sensitive skin easily feels irritated, often with itchiess and redness.

Bismuth Oxychloride is used in the beauty industry. Most mineral makeup brands use the ingredient. If you have tried mineral makeup before and had that sensation of itchiness, it might be bismuth. And felt "I don't like this feeling".

Then it's time to put Bismuth Oxychloride on your radar. 

It’s a lustrous pearly ingredient that add shimmer in makeup. It is metal crushed into very fine particles. Used in most makeup.

More and more women get irritation from Bismuth Oxychloride. I don't use Bismuth.

Get pure mineral makeup with no bismuth


How to use Mineral Makeup

Real pure Mineral Makeup requires just one product for entire face. Contain no cheap fillers, minerals have not been diluted. A little goes a long way. No primer, no setting powder is needed.

Simply one pot will do. It’s that simple.

Step 1: Apply Mineral Makeup 

Mineral powder foundation is easy to apply. Just put powder into the cap. Swirl Kabuki brush into powder. Buff your skin in circles with Kabuki brush.

Feels so light on skin. Covers well.

By, Charlotte Fnug

Founder, Organic Make 

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