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Is vegan makeup better for your skin? - Organicmake

Is vegan makeup better for your skin?

So you want to switch to vegan friendly makeup?

The hottest niche topic in beauty now is vegan. Lots of buzz-words are being slammed left and right natural, green, clean, plant based, organic, cruelty-free. It’s difficult to understand what it means when it comes to beauty.

For this article let’s look at vegan makeup.

Is vegan makeup better for your skin?


What does vegan makeup mean?

Let´s first look at what is vegan makeup?

Simply put its makeup without any animal ingredients according to The Vegan Society in UK. A certifying body in the UK and first company to create the word “vegan” in 1944.

The manufacture and/or development of the makeup product, and where applicable its ingredients, must not involve, or have involved, the use of any product, by-product or derivative. Common animal-derived ingredients found in most conventional makeup include beeswax, lanolin and carmine.  


The truth about Beeswax in beauty products

Take beeswax (Cera Alba) it’s a wax secreted by honey bees. Beeswax is used as an emollient especially in cosmetics and personal care products that require a creamy consistency.

You find beeswax in products like mascara, lip glosses, lip balms, concealers… it’s an ingredient you find in LOTS of makeup. Vegan makeup brands avoid beeswax (we see synthetic beeswax alternatives).


Lanolin (from wool from sheep)

Lanolin comes from wool from sheep. Referred to as wool grease or fat. It’s a wax secreted by the sebaceous glands of wool bearing domestic sheep. Lanolin and its derivatives to protect and treat dry skin conditions from climate and the environment.

Lanolin is used in cosmetics and personal care product to moisture. Lanolin is widely used in lip balms, eye and facial makeup. Gives skin a soft smooth appearance, helps to form emulsions.

Vegan makeup brands avoid lanolin (we see synthetic lanolin alternatives).


Why Vegan makeup avoid Carmine

Carmine is the aluminium lake of the colouring agent, cochineal beetle, a natural pigment derived from the dried family insect Coccos cacti (cochineal). Carmine is used for its bright red pigment in formulation of makeup products. So this red colour agent comes from beetles. In general in makeup you find colour pigments, artificial dyes.

These dyes are used to colour different eyeshadows, blushes and foundations etc. A neon green eyeshadow comes from these dyes. So called “green” makeup brands are known to use artificial dyes that are derived from animals, like carmine. The red pigment.

Vegan makeup brands avoid carmine. Just so you are aware.


Organic Makeup Brushes

To apply makeup you need makeup brushes. Lots of makeup brushes come from animal hairs, like goat hair and pony hair. But you find alternative makeup brushes where no animal hair is used.  


A brief lesson on Animal testing

Vegan makeup is about avoiding any animal testing and probably the reason why most people look for vegan products. More and more makeup brands take a stand on being “cruelty-free”. EU has banned animal testing since 2009. EU also banned the sale of cosmetics products or ingredients subject to new animal testing after March 2013. However, cosmetic animal testing remains legal in most other countries.

So if you look for vegan makeup you might look for makeup brands made in Europe due to tight rules. There you find makeup brands that manufacture according to EU cosmetic regulations. EU is on the front when it comes to animal testing and banned ingredients. In EU 1300 something cosmetics ingredients are banned and restricted.

Take US FDA has just 11. A huge difference. In future it’s all about no animal testing and no animal derived ingredients. The world is big and not every country is alike. Take China they require makeup brands to test on animals before a makeup brand can enter China. Even if its EU produced and approved. This is what China requires.  


Confusing Vegan and Chemicals-free

Don’t let the word “vegan makeup” confuse you. A makeup brand that claim vegan can still produce makeup products with lots of chemicals. Just because it’s vegan and cruelty-free does not mean it’s healthy.

The ingredient list can contain unhealthy chemicals and fillers too. Most makeup products is produced with chemicals. Why it’s important you read the ingredient list. Called INCI.

Some makeup products can’t be done without chemicals due to contamination of products. Makeup will go mold if not done right. Imagine mascara that is mold, not good for eyes.

So “vegan” doesn’t always mean good for your health. But … most makeup brands that claim vegan makeup will use natural or “plant-based” ingredients. Most vegan makeup tends to be more natural and green brands. It is important to look up ingredients and read brand ethos.


3 Benefits of Vegan Makeup:

1. Vegan Liftestyle

You eat and live a vegan lifestyle and concerned that your makeup contain all sorts of different ingredients. To avoid animal testing and no animal derived ingredients in makeup one way is start to look for vegan makeup.

More and more consumers are looking for vegan beauty products. It pushes beauty brands to be open about their ethics and ingredients they use. These days the internet is transparent and makeup brands can’t hide.  

2. Vegan makeup at retail

Beauty retailers are starting to pay attention to this beauty niche. Bigger beauty retailers are allocating space to vegan beauty brands. It used to be selected hippie health stores that would carry natural makeup.

These days more vegan makeup brands are launching and beauty retail is paying attention too. So next time you shop beauty, might be time to ask “where the vegan makeup selection?”  

3. Your Skin

Most vegan makeup brands tend to use more natural ingredients. Whether a vegan makeup product fit your skin type depends. Always do a patch test on your skin. It all comes down to a test if you are very sensitive or you are in doubt that a makeup product fit skin.

Why, you can never say a vegan makeup product is better for your skin. It all depends. People who seem to favor vegan products have chosen vegan lifestyle with conscious choice.

By, Charlotte Fnug

Founder, Organic Make 

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