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Our imperfections

My whole philosophy behind Organic Make  "How can I help women, like you, not be afraid of the imperfections you have”.

I empower women to feel better about who they are. 


We all have our things. But makeup should not be "hide or cover up", but more about show up, as who you are. Express who you are. Express your individuality. 

That said:

Is my makeup brand perfect?


Can I improve? Yes. 

I’ll take you behind “the scenes”, so you understand what I face, as a small makeup company. My aim, by time, is to get bigger so I can produce less expensive items. A small company, like me, can’t produce big batches. Most makeup companies use third party contract manufacturers. It's how it’s done in the cosmetic industry, but they require huge amounts of products filled per SKU. At this stage I can’t afford.

Here’s a list of things, you should know, and where I eventually will improve. And better, why I do as I do. 

Filling mineral makeup powder

I fill our mineral powder makeup ourselves by hand, here in the Danish countryside. When you fill like that, it takes way longer and more manpower is needed, than if it's done by a machine. So handling each mineral powder by hand takes way longer to do. Once I have more volume I have found a contract manufacturer that will fill in small batches. Here I might be able to fill 500 pcs per SKU. But so far so good. I`m not there yet. That means my production cost per unit (SKU) will go down. 

But I’ll never be able to fill 5000 per SKU or 100.000 per SKU. When you do that you pay way less per production run. This is what “big” beauty brands do and why their cost of goods is WAY lower than mine, simply due to the volume of filling. 

Handling makeup in production are small bits and pieces. 

To visualize it for you. A person fills each pot with powder, puts a seal inside the pot, screws the lid on and tightens, then places a label with ingredients at the bottom of the pot. All done by hand. Places it on a tray. Then on to the next filling. It just takes way longer than what a machine does in a sec. 

On the other hand I proudly produce that way for you. It just costs more to do. Simple as that. 

No outer packaging

I’ve been in the beauty industry 30 years and seen how many boxes and carton boxes are thrown out in stores. Even before a product hits the shelves. I know “smart packaging” is part of branding. But I knew, I didn’t want to take part in all that waste of packaging. I refuse to put a carton box around each pot + a plastic wrap/seal on top, that you open at home and then throw out after. To look smart, no way!

So when you buy my mineral makeup you get them in a tiny chiffon bag, which I hope you’ll use again. They are great for jewelry, earrings, necklaces, rings - all sorts of tiny “things” you need to store or use in your makeup bag to keep cotton pads, tampons and earbuds or whatever. They are nice little bags. 

Makeup pots aren’t zero waste

Past years, I’ve seen a huge push for “greener” makeup containers. Which I’m so happy to see coming, due to consumer demands. This is a great thing.

I did find a new solution. A new makeup pot that would “solve” itself in nature. It is perfect for me. I love nature and want to do my part. Because all my powders are “loose” (read my other article why my mineral powders are loose) I need the sifter (the open/close function) inside the foundation pot. If not, then when you open a foundation powder you end up with powder in your makeup bag. When you fly, cabin pressure will puff powder all over, without the sifter. Not good. 

They are not able to make a sifter in the same material. So for now I have to stay with my pots and yes after use, you throw them in the bin.

I’ve looked into the possibility of “re-fills”, so you buy a bag of powder on your next purchase. But for you to even try to get the sifter off from the inside rim of the pot at home and place it back in place, you need a sharp knife to cut it up. You’d break the edges, and the sifter would not come back close in the pot. I’m sure you’d break a nail or two. You might thins this is too difficult. 

So...can't do for now. 

My ambition I’ll get there one day. Will keep pushing. 

Not certified 

To get a certification, like COSMOS (BE), SOIL (UK),BDIH (DE), ICEA (IT), COSMEBIO (FR) or ECOCERT (FR) many requirements are needed. So far those certification organicsations haven’t been able to align a standard for the EU. I'm are located in Denmark and we don’t have a certification body for cosmetics. So to be credible which country should I pick for a certification body? I don’t know. 

When I see ECOCERT approves talc in makeup I'm like, no way. In my other article, you are able to read further on the ingredients and why I don’t want talc in my makeup. 

It’s the reason why I haven’t gone that route and certified my makeup brand. I prefer to be open about what I do. Feel free to ask, if you have any questions. 

Mineral makeup doesn’t smell 

In most makeup, you find lots of fragrance, I didn’t want to play around with fragrance in powder makeup. I remember, as a child, whenever I would put on my Grandma’s face powder, it had a particular smell to it. Not a bad smell. In fact, if I close my eyes, I remember her because of that strong smell from her face powder. 

If I add fragrance, my face powders wouldn’t be suitable for women with sensitive skin, that easily breaks out. Lots of women don’t realise fragrance can cause skin to itch. Why I didn’t want to have fragrance in my brand. So I’ve left my makeup powders as they are,100% natural, with no added fragrance to them. 

My eyeshadows are different 

My mineral eyeshadows are loose powder, for a reason. To press solid eyeshadow into a compact, you need water and oil, then fillers and binders, then preservatives. It’s a bit of a process and you have to use chemicals. 

I don’t want that process. It’s true, it might take a bit of time to get used to my eyeshadows. They are different. But you’ll get used to it.

Never take eyeshadow directly from the pot onto the eyelid. You’ll use way too much product, and you’ll end up with “loose eyeshadow” all under your eyes.

Not so cool. 

Take a wee bit of eyeshadow powder on the back of your hand. Then use the powder from there, up on your eyelids.

Imagine you are a painter, who draws a painting. They hold colours on a painter’s palette. Think the back of your hand, like a painter’s palette. Apply eyes from there. Do make sure you kind of “crush” the little particles, before you apply. 

The best part, since I don’t use oil in eyeshadows, you need just ONE pot.

No need for primer. My eyeshadows stay in place, all day. Ever tried...during the day, that your eyeshadow is creasing into the little folds on the eyelid. It’s the oil causing it. 

Total nightmare, right?

I promise you, they stay put all day. You don’t need a primer.  

Just saying...

This is my makeup adventure. 

If you have any feedback. I’m all ears. Write me on the contact form. I want to improve and fix. 

Shop my mineral makeup. 

By, Charlotte Fnug

Founder, Organic Make 

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