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Best powder foundation for acne-prone skin

Let's be real, powder foundation is a nightmare to use.


Cause most face powders make you look kind of patchy and don't last very long.

Acne-prone skin is not always easy. Most powder foundations clog pores. Makes the situation worse. 

Sure you’ve tried many powder foundations. All you want, cover those bits and pieces. 


It’s all about the ingredients and the quality of the ingredients used in a powder foundation, that matter.

You see, most face powders (also liquid foundations) are made with talc. Talc is a white substance that most beauty brands use. It's a cheap ingredient.

Talc is the reason, why you look cakey or patchy from most powder foundations. Talc doesn’t cover well, why you feel during the day you need to apply again and again.

It’s so irritating. 

Look at any powder in your makeup bag, turn it over and the first ingredient you see is talc.

You might think, is it possible to make powder foundation without talc?

Yes, it is. 

The best foundation powder is easy and quick to apply with a brush. Leaves no powdery residue. Coverage can be light or heavy depending upon the application technique you use. 

Even doubles up as a concealer if the correct brush is used. Covers under eye circles and pimples. Still you hardly tell you’re wearing powder foundation.


You get dewy, light reflecting finish and it stays all day.

Try now….


Hi I’m Charlotte Fnug, founder of Organic Make

What if makeup wasn’t all about hide and cover up, but a simple makeup routine that feels light for your skin and gives you a naturally healthy glow?


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