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Cover your face with thick layers of makeup

Seriously - this has me puzzled.

I understand you want to cover skin imperfections

But what about your skin under all that makeup? 

You see...

Skin issues like acne prone skin, that breaks out is for the most part also super sensitive and easily gets irritated.

Here are a couple of things I'd like you to consider:

  • A thick layer of makeup provides good coverage and hides skin imperfections and breakouts. But it doesn't take long before skin condition gets worse (guess you feel that).
  • Heavy liquid foundations feel like a "mask" on sensitive, acne prone skin (you can't really touch face).
  • Makeup ingredients can be pore clogging (skin feels it can't breathe). 
  • Red skin irritations appear more frequently and too much makeup doesn't help either. 

Several dermatologists have spoken up about these exact issues across several major publications. Where overuse of makeup, especailly foundations, can lead to skin irritation or acne breakouts.

The good news is, there's a simple and clean solution. My own - proven to work - face powder without any nasty side-effects. Super gentle on skin and easy to apply. 

I named it " sensitive powder" but my customers lovingly call it "Powder Wonder".


I can't serve everybody, but maybe I can help you...

Let's figure out if you and Powder Wonder are perfect fit for each other.

Pernille from Denmark wrote me "I honestly don't think I could live without "Powder Wonder"...

Haven't discovered what "Powder Wonder" is?

Organic Make Powder Wonder is crushed pure minerals in powder form. Without a trace of harsh chemicals, mineral oils, talc, fragrances, artificial colouring, synthetic alcohol, rice/corn powder or other fillers and binders.

And naturally, Organic Make Powder Wonder do not contain parabens, bismuth oxychloride, carmine, lanolin, GMO, silicone, phthalates or nanoparticles.

Why all this fuss?

Because everyone deserves the purest, most natural makeup possible. After all, it's your skin. And since Organic Make Powder Wonder is entirely free of fillers and binders, products are available only in powder form. 

Remember – a little goes a long way, all you have to do is apply it ones and it stays on your skin all day, giving you a light, refreshing, healthy glow.

All our make up products are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.


Shop makeup that helps your skin naturally and last all day

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