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How do I hide my acne without making my breakouts worse?

You don't feel your skin is “perfect”. You don't have glass skin you see on social media.

You are not the only person suffering from painful acne. Acne prone skin sucks and it is a long hard journey. Your worth and happiness doesn’t depend on how your skin looks and it doesn’t define you.

Remember that. 


Those’s hard, it hurts, it itches, it’s uncomfortable and since it’s on your face you see it and are reminded of it each day.

I get it.

Now plastering your face and caking your face in layers of makeup does have an impact on your skin situation. You feel and see your skin is worse from all that hiding behind too many layers of makeup. 

Feel like you’ve started to depend on heavy thick layers of makeup when you go out. And some days you can’t even wear makeup because you have bad reactions to foundation.

You immediately break out, even with expensive foundations. 

You don’t know what to do... 

Let me explain.

Makeup has many ingredients inside. It's hard to understand what’s in it. But when makeup feels irritating and itching on skin it’s time to look into what you really put on your face. 

Most makeup has fragrance, you know the feeling when something smells nice. It just feels better and nicer, it’s psychological. But there’s a reason makeup smells good, it’s perfume and more and more women, like you with sensitive skin, react with burning sensations, feelings of itchiness and redness.

Now there’s many ingredients in makeup, I can’t mention them all here, I’ll tire you and you won’t read it all. 

Honestly, use makeup that doesn’t break out skin.

Believe me, I’ve seen the difference when a woman switches to natural “non - toxic makeup”.

Makeup that doesn’t break out skin in redness and itchiness. Covers bits and pieces. Yet skin feels breathable.

People react differently, when you're “put together”.

Good makeup feels like you wear no makeup at all.

Buy “non-toxic makeup” here.

By, Charlotte Fnug

Founder of Organic Make 

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