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Liquid foundation vs Powder foundation

"Do you find it difficult to find the right liquid foundation that doesn't make your sensitive acne skin worse?"

Liquid foundations on sensitive skin can be a nightmare.


Liquid foundation mostly cake and flake. You just have a hard time. Liquid tends to go patchy while at work and really busy. And you don’t really like how heavy the coverage ends up looking, when you need to use mattifying powder on your T-zone throughout the day.

I guess you now wonder if you should look for a new liquid foundation or a powder foundation.

But isn’t your real problem that you’re frustrated with using so many makeup products, to look halfway decent.

And everywhere you read the basics of the “foundation guide” is: tone, prime, moisturize, conceal, foundation, setting powder, setting spray.
So, as foundation coverage goes the standard goes something like primer -> foundation/base -> concealer -> finishing powder.


It feels overwhelming.

Every time they reel you into their beauty counter in a beauty store, you don't like how thick they apply your makeup. Yet you feel obligated to get something you end up hating.

Ever tried to use a primer that had ZERO improvement, so you are just wary that it might be a marketing gimmick. But mostly you always end up looking overdone.


It’s a jungle out there. I get you.

In fantasy land where you have the time to leisurely put on your makeup, it's liquid. But in reality you are lucky to have 10 minutes alone, to slapdash everything together.

It’s difficult to find a liquid that doesn't make your already sensitive skin worse, so for daily wear, stick with powder foundation.

But not just any powder foundation.

They are not all made equal.

Must be a fully natural mineral based powder foundation designed to be non-reactive for sensitive skin as possible.

You’ll notice a big improvement in your skin quality, once you start using it.
Covers skin naturally with creamy texture and glow finish.

Uneven textured skin looks smooth.

Feels breathable and light. Covers all day.

It’s way easier with a multi-function powder foundation for busy people.

Reach for pure mineral powder foundation. Shockingly, it does not make your skin look dry and flat. It takes no time at all to apply/buff in.

Like’ll blend the entire powder foundation on your whole face in less than 2 minutes.

You build it up as you want. And you don't have to wash your beauty blender after.

The best powder foundation is easy and quick to apply with a brush. Leaves no powdery residue. Coverage can be light or heavy depending upon the application technique you use.

You need ONE powder foundation. That's it.

Try powder foundation for sensitive skin. 

 By, Charlotte Fnug

Founder of Organic Make.

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