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Welcome To Our Affiliate Program


The search is on!! I’m looking for some enthusiast women with sensitive skin and women influencers, who
prefer a more healthy, natural look, rather than a full face of mask-like foundation look to become


  • Affiliate Perks: You’ll receive a 10% CASH commission on qualifying purchases.
Affiliates I’m looking for:
  •  Makeup bloggers/Youtubers
  •  Lifestyle bloggers
  •  Active social media (Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Podcasters)
  •  Active influencer accounts

Who we are?
ORGANIC M.A.K.E face powder foundations are for women with sensitive skin, who need something light
and natural to tone down facial redness. Who’s fed up with skin reacting to other foundation powders,
creams, liquids – resulting in serious breakouts.

How will I know I’ve been approved?
Once you have applied, you can expect an approval or denial in 1-2 weeks.

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