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5 Makeup Tips For Sensitive Skin

5 makeup tips for women with sensitive skin

By Charlotte Fnug, Founder Organic M.A.K.E
How you enjoy makeup, even if your skin is sensitive.

        1. Look for most basic and pure makeup products and work up from
          there. Use less makeup products on sensitive.

        2. Be selective when it comes to eye makeup.
          Don’t wear eye makeup unless it’s a special occasion, and then only for a
          short period of time. Sensitive eyes easily get bright red, teary and painful it
          takes long to clear up.

       3. Don’t hide skin imperfections behind thick layers of makeup.
             Full face of mask like foundation often feels pore clogging.

       4. Don’t use makeup with talc.
            Skin feels dry and powdery looking. That cakey and flakey look is not

        5. Use gentle makeup products on cranky sensitive skin.
        Avoid fragrance and dyes in makeup, can cause feelings of skin burn,                        itchiness and redness. Skin flare ups affect your self-worth.

Ever covered skin behind mask like makeup?

The whole idea behind Organic M.A.K.E is less makeup is more for you and the
environment. Women shouldn’t have to be slaves to dozens of different makeup
products – especially women with sensitive skin that easily breaks out.
You should be able to simplify your makeup routine, and pare down to just a few items
that allow you to look your natural best, without redness and itchiness. That’s why
founder, Charlotte Fnug, created Organic M.A.K.E. All-in-one powder makeup - that
replaces everything in your makeup bag.

Who doesn’t like pure natural makeup that feels lightweight and breathable on skin
until you are happy with the finish?

ORGANIC M.A.K.E! Is the sound of a revolution in makeup. While other makeup
companies talk “anti-age” , Organic M.A.K.E is the only company that think age
is a place to come from, not avoid at all costs. With age you gain wisdom and
makeup is a way to express who you are, at any age.

At Organic M.A.K.E, we say “less is more.” Our makeup line is simple,
natural multi-tasking loose makeup powders that replace everything in your
makeup bag. They bring out your natural beauty – at every age.

Available on our website, Mineral Foundation is our flagship product: All-in-one foundations that feel breathable and lightweight on skin. Yet a thin layer covers skin perfectly. They can replace everything, you need in your makeup bag:

Founder story.

Founder, Charlotte Fnug, is creator of Organic M.A.K.E makeup line. As a beauty
industry insider for 30+ years, Charlotte has unique insight into exactly how to bring
out every woman’s natural beauty, even if skin is fussy sensitive.
Charlotte says:
“Women with sensitive skin that easily break out shouldn’t have to go
makeup-less nor have itchy skin.”

“The biggest makeup mistake that women with sensitive skin make is
wearing too much heavy makeup,” Charlotte says.Fussy sensitive skin doesn’t
accept anything chemical that is prone to breakouts. Makeup shouldn’t feel thick and cloggy, like you can’t touch face. Rather makeup should feel lightweight as though you have no makeup on.” says Charlotte who is 59 and continues “I do think as I get older less is definitely more in the makeup department.”

Long before Charlotte founded Organic M.A.K.E, she had two very successful careers – first as head of North Europe biggest beauty store, and then Regional Sales Manager for a well-known global beauty brand.

Charlotte began her 30+year beauty career on the shop floor at the beauty
department at the leading department store Magasin in Copenhagen,
It was there she heard about women skin issues and there she pioneered the first “natural look” for women – which would later become the inspiration for 100% natural Organic M.A.K.E makeup line.

Now 59, Charlotte has never died her hair “I love how my grey hair is coming,”
Charlotte says ...
These days its more about having fun and feel good in what I do,
than latest makeup craze you see on social. Charlotte wanted to create the exact
makeup she would want in her own makeup bag at 59. As a sensitive skin person, she wanted to design a line of makeup that was about not hiding behind clogging mask, but was about revealing a women’s natural beauty at every age. We are proud to say: she succeeded. The overall effect is makeup that looks natural on
every woman. 
Imagine people say
How lucky you are ... not needing makeup”, that’s how natural her makeup looks, at every age.
Today, Charlotte’s idea of feeling good at any age and her natural no-makeup looks,
resonate with women worldwide.

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