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Exquisite ecology that makes your body smile

skin02Pampering yourself with organic beauty products needn’t be expensive or irksome. The code word for my Danish organic skincare  Organic Make is simplicity, so it simply consists of few fabulous and effective organic skincare products and two organic makeup essentials, which together cover all your beauty needs. Several of my products can be used for more than one purpose, and the entire range will fit into your sponge bag, so there is no need to compromise on hectic mornings or when you are travelling.

Simple, effective ingredients
The ingredients that go into Organic Make I have carefully selected for their unique properties. Every ingredient has a function, whether it is one of the selected super fruits (cranberries, papaya and mango), essential oils or the skin friendly seaweed. At least 98.5% of the ingredients are natural and that applies to their function, too. It is, for example, the minerals in the Diamotous seaweed, which provide the gentle, natural exfoliant effect in Organic Make Face Scrub.

Choose with your heart
Forget everything about waving fingers and reproving looks. At Organic Make, beauty care is all about wellbeing, pampering and a good conscience. I believe that you know which products you feel good using, and which beauty routines work for you. I give you the freedom to choose, and the multifunctional products make it easy for you to look after your skin. Beauty can be exquisite, simple and straightforward at the same time.

The ocean is the apothecary of the future
The ocean plays an important role in Organic Make as algae were among the first life forms on earth and are therefore considered the “mother of all life”. Algae counteract the natural degeneration of cells, bringing new life and vitality to your face. Seaweed contains countless active substances which stimulate microcirculation in cells and help them to breathe and regenerate. And the ocean’s mineral salts cleanse, nourish and protect your skin.

Beauty with a smile
In addition to its simplicity and organic lusciousness, Organic Make hits the spot where yet another of the current beauty trends is concerned. That true beauty can only be given a helping hand from the outside, so it is important that your skincare products make you happy. A cocktail of beautiful packaging, lovely consistency and healthy ingredients ensures that your senses are pampered and your mood is given a boost.

Ecology at a reasonable price
Even if you want to pamper your face and your body, beauty and wellbeing needn’t be self important. Or expensive for that matter. The ingredients in my Danish Organic Make skincare range are ecology of the highest quality, but at an affordable price. The Danish organic skincare range pampers your skin, your mood and your pocket!

Organic Make does not use:

Synthetic perfumes, petrochemicals, artificial colouring, animal ingredients, parabens, lanolin, phenoxyethanol, propylene glycol, silicone, GMO, phthalates, PEG,carmine, SLS, SLES