Why is mineral makeup better for skin?



If you still haven't discovered just what mineral powder foundation can do for your skin, don't delay because you probably won't ever want to return to using traditional liquid foundation.

Organic Make Mineral Makeup gives you only crushed pure minerals in powder form. Without a trace of harsh chemicals, mineral oils, talc, fragrances, artificial colouring, synthetic alcohol, rice/corn powder or other fillers and binders. And naturally, Organic Make Mineral Makeup do not contain parabens, bismuth oxychloride, carmine, lanolin, GMO, silicone, phthalates or nanoparticles.

Why all this fuss? Because everyone deserves the purest, most natural makeup possible. After all, it's your skin. And since Organic Make Mineral Makeup is entirely free of fillers and binders, the products are available only in powder form. Remember – a little goes a long way. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

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AVOID all 'the nasties' with Organic Make Mineral Makeup.



Facts about Organic Make Mineral Makeup

What's the difference between a conventional liquid foundation and mineral makeup?

Liquid foundation can contain petrochemicals like mineral oil, preservatives with parabens, artificial colouring and synthetic fragrances. With Danish Organic Make Mineral Makeup you are guaranteed vegan, pure, crushed minerals – and nothing else.

Does Organic Make Mineral Foundation provide sufficient coverage?

You'll do a definite double take because Organic Make Mineral Foundation gives you effective and natural coverage. You won't have to worry about wrong colour choices, running, streaking or caking ever again. Organic Make Mineral Foundation gives you the power to adjust coverage through buffing the product into your skin. Remember to allow your moisturiser to absorb into your skin before buffing on mineral foundation.

What makes Organic Make Mineral Makeup different?

Organic Make do not contain any cheap fillers that dilute the minerals. These include talc, corn flour and rice flour, and it is these that create the feeling of insufficient coverage. And nasties like talc serve to dry out your skin, giving it that unwanted powdery look. Since Organic Make Mineral Foundation contains none of the nasties, you get not only a creamy, satiny finish but also a product that goes a long way.

Do I need to buy a special brush to apply Organic Make Mineral Foundation?

A Kabuki brush is especially useful for applying Organic Make Mineral Foundation, as it allows you to buff the product into your skin for that satiny, healthy finish. You can also use a moist velour sponge if your skin requires more intense coverage.

Is Organic Make Mineral Foundation easy to apply?

Yes, yes, and once again – yes. No more standing in front of the mirror and carefully applying liquid foundation evenly across your face, or cutting the tube end to get at the last drops of product. Or dabbing the product on a blemish to try and make it disappear. With Organic Make Mineral Foundation, application is super simple you just tip a tiny amount of product into the lid of the container, swirl your Kabuki brush around in the powder and tap the excess off on the edge of the lid before buffing the powder into your skin using circular movements. And voilà – you get a gorgeous result every time. It's fool proof makeup.

Do I need to use primer or finishing powder?

No, Organic Make Mineral Foundation can be used on its own. No primers or finishing powders are required. The quality of Organic Make Mineral Foundation is so high that no other products are necessary either under the foundation or over it. You are guaranteed 100 percent pure minerals. Organic Make Mineral Foundation provides great silky coverage and lasts all day long.

How do I use Organic Make Mineral Eyeshadow?

Organic Make Mineral Eyeshadow comes in powder form for a very good reason. With no binders or fillers, the eyeshadow stays put on your lids all day without melting or creasing. Dip your brush into the eyeshadow and apply to the back of your hand. Then pick up a small amount on the brush and blend into your lids. A little goes a long way.

Does Organic Make Mineral Eyeshadow contain artificial dyes?

No, the eyeshadows are made using only natural colour pigments from the soil, found naturally which means shades of brown. Bold colours such as pink and neon green cannot be produced using natural colour pigments. Nor, have minerals been coated where the surface is artificially dyed in a lab in order to produce the desired eyeshadow or blush colour. However, Organic Make does not use these techniques.

Do Organic Make Mineral Makeup products offer sun protection?

Yes, but can't specify the exact SPF in products. They do contain natural sun protection, but do use sunscreen if you spend time outdoors in the sun.

Do Organic Make Mineral Makeup products contain parabens?

No, the mineral makeup collection does not contain parabens, fragrances, or other artificial and unnecessary fillers and binders.

Do Organic Make Mineral Makeup contain Bismuth Oxychloride?

No. Bismuth Oxychloride is a filler commonly used in mineral makeup to provide shine. Organic Make Mineral Makeup does not use Bismuth Oxychloride for reasons of allergy risk, where contact often result in itching and redness.

Do Organic Make Mineral Makeup contain animal ingredients?

No, products do not contain Carmine or lanolin. You should be aware that Carmine is extracted from the Cochineal beetle and is used as red colouring in cosmetic production, particularly in eyeshadows and pink and red lipstick. Nor does Organic Make Mineral makeup use lanolin, making them suitable for vegans. We love animals , do not test products on animals. Products are made in accordance with EU cosmetic regulations, where animal testing is not allowed. Please note that the Organic Make Kabuki brush is made from synthetic taklon, which means no animal hair what so ever.

Founder, Charlotte Fnug Munksgaard

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