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Is pressed face powder good for acne prone skin?

"Do you cake in bad skin with primers, concealers, foundation, more foundation, more concealer then on top pressed face powders to hide those skin imperfections?"

You wonder if all that makeup and pressed powders on top is good for your acne prone skin.

Your worst fear is skin showing any form of skin imperfection or shine during the day. You constantly carry pressed face powder in your bag, so you top on more during the day.


All that hiding behind heavy makeup has side effects.

Ever put any thoughts into the ingredients in your makeup bag?

They might be the cause of your ongoing skin breakout problems.

You see, cosmetic ingredients can be the cause of skin breaks outs. In makeup you find lots of stuff like artificial colours (dyes), fragrance, talc, mineral oils, carmine, bismuth ingredients that can be an irritant to some people.

You’re not in doubt when skin turns red, you feel skin itch or burn or worse skin breaks out again and again.

These are signs and you should take notice. Look at the ingredients in your makeup.

Let’s look closer at pressed face powder.

What is it really?

When it comes to pressed face powders and sensitive skin like yours. Here’s what you should know about conventional pressed face powders.

Pressed face powders are first “loose powder”. To make pressed face powder you need a machine to press powders.

To get powders stay put inside the pot, you need to mix in oil and water. Now oil and water don't bind, this is basic chemistry. You need binders, then preservatives (now you add chemicals).

This process is needed to get pressed face powder to stay put in the pot. If you do not “bind” stuff together you have “loose powder”.

Simple as that.

That’s the difference between how you make loose face powder and pressed face powder.


Wait there’s more. And here’s the catch.

When you look at the cosmetic ingredients of a conventional pressed face powder, notice the first ingredient is talc / talcum. Talc is a white powder that is grinded into very small particles. The thing is, talc is pore clogging on sensitive skin, that tends to break out.

Not something most people know.

Imagine you put talc on top of a pimple, it clogs.

Pores need to stay open to breathe. So during the day as you keep adding more pressed face powder to hide skin imperfections it builds up.

You feel as if skin can’t breathe or even worse feel like skin gets pimples.

On top you have the oils inside the pressed face powder. Most oils are mineral oils which are leftovers from the oil industry.

Most makeup brands use mineral oils because it's cheap ingredients, compared to natural oils from plants or nuts.

During the day, as skin gets warm, your skin starts to feel greasy. Mineral oil is inside the pressed face powder and all the other makeup products you cover up with.

They make a bad cycle. The more you add, the worse it gets.

Pressed face powder with talc and mineral oil is not the best option for sensitive acne prone skin.

You need an alternative.

That’s loose face powder, without any talc and binders.

But not any loose face powder.

You need loose face powder that feels breathable on skin, more than heavy on skin.

Feels light, like you wear no makeup. Yet covers those flaws you want covered naturally.

There’s no need for any other foundation. Just loose face powder, that won't irritate your skin. You don’t need heavy makeup products.

Just one pot.

Skin skin looks and feels healthy naturally.

Good for your skin and the environment. Made with 100% natural ingredients.

Get loose face powder pot for sensitive acne prone skin.

Of cause without binders and preservatives.

By, Charlotte Fnug

Founder of Organic Make.

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